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Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom


MAC's Teacher of the Year

2024 Teacher of the Year Nomination

Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom (MAC) is seeking nominations for Teacher of the Year Award.

Do you know a teacher that does an outstanding work bringing agriculture in the classroom? Does this teacher go above and beyond, maybe without praise and recognition, encourages students to think outside the box and uses agriculture to motivate and teach beyond the curriculum? We want to hear about these exceptional teachers and recognize them.

We need your help! Please tell us about this teacher and how he/she/they has made a difference in their students' lives. Send a description of their agricultural classroom, and the reason that you recommend them for the award. Note: You may nominate yourself!

  • Submit the Teacher of the Year Nomination through the Teacher of the Year Nomination (Google) Form Google Forms by November 10.
  • The winner will be notified by email by December 1.
  • The winner will receive a Certificate of Recognition and will be highlighted in the MAC Website and through social media.
  • Winner will receive a scholarship to attend the National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference in Salt Lake City, UT June 24 -28, 2024.

If you need more information please email or call 508-443-1703 & LEAVE A MESSAGE.

Thank you in advance for your nomination!

Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom is pleased to announce that Louise Levy is the recipient of the 2023 Teacher of the Year Award.
Mrs. Louise Levy

Congratulations to Louise Levy of Belchertown High School. Louise has been and educator for over 40 years and has taught science in the Belchertown High School for 15 years remaining active in STEM education and environmental issues. As stated by her co-worker Louise Levy is an advocate for getting students out of the classroom to experience science in nature, and she leads by example. There is so much that makes her worthy of this recognition, but what stands out to me is the way she has, and continues, to build partnerships throughout the community. Louise has great creativity and builds her curriculum to merge the study of life science to real life. She routinely takes her students on walking trips to nearby Lake Wallace to study ecology, and outdoors to work and learn in the school garden (which she had a great hand in helping to establish.)

Mrs. Louise Levy

Louise has been an active community member, working with school gardens and encouraging other teachers to start gardens at their own schools. She tirelessly works with community groups, parents, and others to make the local green spaces in Belchertown even more accessible to all.

Congratulations, Louise, for your dedication and being inspiration for your students!

Louise was presented with her award at a Belchertown School Committee meeting in May.

Citations were also presented to Louise by Massachusetts State Senator Jacob Oliveira and State Representative Aaron Saunders at this meeting.

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