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Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom


MAC Mini Grants


Since 1994, Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom (MAC) has been awarding mini-grants to Massachusetts educators for agricultural education projects. The Mini-Grant program was launched when MAC Board member James Munger outlined a project inspired by his work with the Bristol County Farm Bureau.

More than $266,000 has been awarded to more than 400 diverse projects that work to foster agricultural awareness across the Commonwealth.

Our mini-grant partners include the Massachusetts State Grange. A special thank you to the generous sponsorship of 2015-2024 from the Massachusetts State Grange Roots Education Initiative. Learn more about your local Grange at

The Program

Over the past twenty-seven years, mini-grants have funded a wide diversity of projects, from the very technical (such as setting up aquaculture and hydroponic systems) to such projects as growing pumpkins.

Some provide resources to carry out agriculture education projects, while others develop new ideas and programs that highlight the importance of agriculture.


Applications are considered from schools, after-school programs, farms working with schools and youth gardening organizations. Projects that involve cost-sharing and/or collaborative ventures are strongly encouraged.

MAC does not fund individuals or non-profit organizations. Mini-grants may not be used to fund salaries or honoraria, computer equipment or overhead expenses. Because we do not fund projects on a long-term, sustainable basis, an organization may receive funding from MAC a maximum of three times. A proposal that did not receive funding the first time may be resubmitted in a later grant cycle.

Please read the Mini Grant guidelines and then apply for a grant

The Process

The Mini-Grant Committee reviews applications based on mini-grant guidelines that are in keeping with the goals of MAC and encourage grants that seek to educate youth about the real issues involved in the agricultural industry in Massachusetts.

The maximum grant award is $1,500. Most grants range from $300 to $500. Two funding cycles allow educators the flexibility to develop proposals during summer vacation and school holidays.

Each award is made in two parts. 60% of the total is sent out when the award is announced. The final payment of 40% is sent out only after a final report has been received by MAC.

For more information on Mini Grants please email us at: